Updates May 2019

Author’s comments: should have left a “Away trying to sort my life out, will return ASAP” sign at the door… Sorry for this radio silence, and for anything nothing new during this month. The move was draining, exciting, daunting, saddening, so many different things and so antagonistic it was difficult to process. As so, even though this post was well overdue, I wanted to write it will a cooler mind and after we had more or less settled in Paris. We are very happy with our new flat – even tough it comes with all the well-known issues of flats that are over 100 years old -, and we are taking the bull by the horns. It won’t be easy: London was very kind to us and we remember it with fondness and nostalgia. Yet Paris seems motivated to rise to the challenge. As we speak, I am taking a break from unpacking  (I really dislike having my things in carton boxes, it hinders me from establishing new roots), and soon I will hit the sack to do some snoozing before it is time to go back to the new work. So far, my colleagues are superbly nice, but also superbly fluent in French… Something I am not and need to be. I have defined as top priority for the end of this year to be alaise (at ease) with it.

In other news, really excited with these one: the new supplement from Jetpack7 LEGENDARY DRAGONS is out for pre-orders. Besides being an awesome source of flavor for your TTRPG, it includes a creation of yours-truly, the Blood Drake Nyrdedgskyr, as part of its Kickstarter OGL submission contest. Super proud and humbled to have been one of the three winners, and grateful that Jetpack7 would allow me to immortalize such an iconic figure of the Narkarian mythology. Also… technically… Tales of Eyria has something on print! One more reason to be stocked with the supplement. Do let me know if you get it and what do you think of it, always keen to receive some feedback.
See you all soon.

Cover picture: the library by DawnElaineDarkwood

Important Information concerning shared artwork: I DO NOT own any artwork unless expressly stated. All rights are owned by the authors and/or owner – no copyright infringement intended. This is a Non-monetized blog on a free-plan WordPress account, and I get no revenue from advertisement. I am the author of all the text, lands, characters and information pertaining to the world of Eyria, and nothing else unless clearly stated. If I have used artwork that belongs to you then please let me know so that I can give you your highly-deserved credit!

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