Damarad, the Learned

Out of the Covenant‘s figures, Damarad, the Learned is the one whose life is the most well-known of the legendary conjurers. The second son of a noble, Damarad was destined to become his brother’s solicitor and adviser. Remarkably bright, the child mastered many fields of knowledge, self-teaching as much as relying on formal tutoring. Once he was old enough, he traveled between courts, universities, monasteries, hospitals, anywhere he could find something he did not yet master. He kept an habit of writing journals, tomes, and letters, many who have been transcribed and still live at the Academy of Osmer. At the very young age of twenty-five, his services were coveted by many rulers, which allowed Damarad even more unrestricted access to more literature. He would favor magic wielders as patrons, to have unaware test-subjects on such a topic that fascinated himself. Unfortunately, his sarcastic humor, linked with his fondness to get into (and winning) intellectual sparring defending absurd positions, ensured the list of those holding a grudge against him was ever-growing. Something Damarad would shrug off, but was a dangerous predicament during the Second Age.

36bfd1dae32d41bb17a01dc1da66a7d9Dragon Age Inquisition – Inquisitor Dorian
The meeting with Lisei would focus Damarad’s talents towards a worth goal he direly needed. Like the other members, he had grown sick of the brutality and malice that tainted the land. Although one of the least capable magicians, Damarad was Lisei’s strategist and spymaster. He coordinated the Covenant’s efforts to greater efficiency. His observations of Thaumaturgic Madness and how little magic’s origins were known convinced Lisei of the need to plan for after the war. For what would become the Academy of Osmer. He would also pen out the teaching and hierarchical structures of this unique university, with several guilds, colleges, and chapters’ missions and visions being established decades before they were officially founded. Also at the time, with the help of fellow member Voltokaar, Damarad started drafting a codex of conduct, a set of rules and laws to prevent the re-occurrence of the bane they fought to end. Quickly adopted as mantras by the Convenant, they would later become a core value at the Academy known as the Canons of Conduct.

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Damarad’s time at the Academy would be very fruitful for the mage. Considered to be an organizer with a semblance of an obsession disorder, his earlier years saw him face the bulk of the administrative and daily running activities at the Academy. While Lisei was the face of the Academy to the outside, Damarad was delegated the tasks of overseeing and deciding in his/her stead. From architectural plans, construction management, inventory custodianship, to the development of robust procedures to catalog and preserve all knowledge in a way that was easily retrievable by scholars. His journal suggests Damarad never left the Academy after settling in. Pranksters say he never left his office at all. It is fact that he felt very comfortable in a place he, as Lisei, envisioned as the prime for learning and enlightenment. He would eventually finish his Canons, already with snow-white hair and long beard. The day he did, legend says, he sought Lisei out to debate magic as they understood it. Lisei challenged the sage to prove her views wrong. In the spirit of an intellectual competition, Damarad became out the first Thaumaturgic Physicist, and would spend his life chasing that mission. In his own words, it reads that “my biggest disappointment was to not have been able to tell you we were both wrong.” After Lisei’s passing, Damarad locked himself in his office, only to return when he had stopped failing his friend. He would be found lifeless a few years later, surrounded by scribbled papers, with the cryptic message “I may be on to something it...”

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