Zelaya Arash

One of the still true Maedwen, Zelaya is the son of Wayege Arash, Lord of Moumnis Akki, and his deceased second wife Mawu. His name was chosen after King Alborz’ child, per a seer’s bones reading. He is a lead, dark skinned man of twenty three years of age, a fiery spirit of 1.64m tall (quite on the small side for a Maedwen, yet taller than the most Dunakorians). He wears his hair in the traditional Camel Raider fashion, with the sides and back of his skull shaved and the remaining black hair caught in a braid. His nose is pierced on both sides with a golden spherical stud, a signal of a very pure Maedweni blood, and a golden tattoo on his face’s right side, as a man who has passed his coming of age ritual. His eyes are green, a rarer color he has inherited from his mother. Most Maedwen tend to have lilac, like his father and siblings. he’s the only one out of his other three brothers and two sisters to have it. Zelaya is the second youngest at the moment, as his father’s third wife Boogali is pregnant of her second child. Anak is his younger sister, from Boogali, a young lady one year and a half younger than Zelaya, with whom he shares a special bond.

Unfortunately, Zelaya’s mother Mawu passed away little after he was born, from a scorpion sting. In spite of the cruelty of Apo Jwaziríri‘s offspringZelaya has been teased to exhaustion by his older siblings since young age, especially his immediately older brother Makkuk. Growing up without the maternal support the other children from Lord Arash’s first wife Wanja kind-of enjoyed (as Wanja was not tailored for motherly duties) make Zelaya feel like a pariah within his own family. He always took this close to heart very much, and assuaging this fire has been a daily activity for the patient Lord Wayege. The birth of Anak has been a balm for the ruler, as boy and girl were so close people joked they were twins.

Zelaya is truly free with wind rushing along his ears; as a escapism, he joined the camel riders of Moumnis Akki, and often roams the desert with his sister Anak. The pair have vowed to soon join the Vlokkie saurian brigade, a mammoth task as not even a hand full of these super elite commandos exist. Until then, he specializes in mastering the ins and outs of spear and curved sword combat, and keeps his archery skills deadly precise. Under the kind support of recently-a-father Jawir, he trains diligently under the watchful gaze of stepbrother General Bakhado and stepmother Lady Wanja, who still feel the boy has too much to prove, and too much oversensitive blood from the boy’s defunct mother. On his mother’s grave, Zelaya vowed to outmaneuver them all one day.

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