Voltokaar, the One who Fell

Of the achievements of the Covenant of Lisei at the end of the Second Age, all thaumaturges of Osmer are aware of. The statues of those fabled heroes stand high above for all to see. under their presence, those mythical deeds are vividly celebrated. However, one of the better-known legends is never told out loud, ever only whispered. It is a cautionary tale to all conjurers, a reminder of the dangers of magic. Of how easily one can slip into the ever falling blackness without even noticing, their mind and body warped into a sadistic mockery of its original form. As with so much from that time, the past lives of the Covenant mages are a mystery. Notwithstanding, it is very clear that he was one of Lisei‘s first, a much-cherished friend and confidant, an idealist with a burning desire for peace as much as any other living being. The tale of Voltokaar, whose dabbling into the proscribed arts of necromancy and reanimation lead to his demise, betrayal, and merciful death at the hand of the Covenant’s leader, is a warning. As “To Peer into Worlds Unfit for Ephemeral Beings” does not come without grave menace.

4275820-by_jasontn-d83zo8b.jpgNecromancer by Jason Nguyen
As the Covenant began its mission, they met success after success. At the end of each hard-fought battle lied a dead wildmage. And still, the threat was not curbed in the slightest. Lisei was losing men in a war of attrition. It was only a matter of time until he/she ran out of brethren to fight with, the dream lost. Despite Äimankäi‘s wrath and Damarad‘s intellect, their goal was at the end of a very lengthy, uphill campaign. They simply did not have the numbers. Until Voltokaar stepped in. The mage admitted he had dabbed in darker arts of necrotic and spectral nature. Through knowledge, he had kept for himself (“for safety and safekeeping”, he said), he had found a way to cheat death. To call upon the spirits and bodies of those who had left this world, returning them as incomplete husks of mater or umbra – but never both -, to be commanded by Voltokaar as puppets on a string. It was blasphemous and some Covenant mages even attempted to kill the warlock. However, Lisei would intercede and, even to Voltokaar’s bewilderment, would agree with the plan.

b6b04a69f7bf9550df8fb285c3a0b428.jpgDark Mage by M-Hugo
Voltokaar’s minions were frail but vast in numbers. The momentum swung violently in Lisei and his/her comrades’ favor overnight, as droves of undead washed away the taint of wildmage after wildmage. Still, in his/her heart, Lisei suffered even more. He/she had felt how far Voltokaar had fallen into the spiraling void, how much he lusted to dance to wicked tunes with Life, Death, and Undeath. Madness just had taken longer to drive him against his comrades. Swift, with tear-filled eyes, Lisei would dispatch who had once been one of his/her truest friends. Years later, when the Academy of Osmer came to be, Lisei ensured that, prime among many, Necromancy would be a forbidden art. While important research is conducted regarding life, death, and magic, the dark arts are banned; so much so they have their own clause in the Canons of Conduct. Despite what the traitorous friend had sworn, the necromantic knowledge was not only Voltokaar’s to hold. And so, the Justiciars remain active, ever searching for all of Voltokaar’s despicable disciples.

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