Lisei, the Denouement

Of all the legendary figures that have survived the withering effects of time, none is more alive and more cherished than Lisei, the Denouement. Considered almost unanimously to be the greatest conjurer to ever walk Ôthin, it is quite ironic that the thaumaturges at the Academy do not know Lisei’s race or – even – gender. Still, a giant statue of her hooded figure stands in the very center of Osmer, glistening under the sun, a fabulous sight to behold. With the natural lack of documentation from that time, speculation serves as well as absent facts do, which only makes Lisei’s legend grow more. It is said Lisei was born out of Magic, the godly manifestations that brought so much wonder and so much suffering at the beginning of the Second Age. Private about his/her life, none never discovered who Lisei was even after the warring ended, with a few speculating if Lisei was not just a title, a mantle worn by many in secret to keep the flame of peace alive. Be as it may, Lisei’s impact in Ôthin was only second to that of Raya.

Most of Lisei’s tale occurs during the Second Age, when the grand wizard’s action spoke loudest. Legends have it that, sicken with the bloodshed and violence all around him/her, Lisei started hunting down those who would hurt the innocent. Through her relentless actions, she would destroy many despots, sadists, and murderers. As a fortunate byproduct – said due to his/her caring nature yet charismatic personality -, some either forsook their ways or flocked to him/her, aiding on his/her quest. In due time, the Covenant of Lisei was officially celebrated, its members invested in stopping the madness and bringing peace back. An task that would require more blood to flow, and some rules to be bent. Some of his/her brothers and sisters died in battle, others gave up when the killing was just too much for them. Even treason plagued Lisei’s soul when one of his/her closest friends, Voltokaar the Necromancer, fell to insanity, forcing his/her hand to end his dark deeds. All this would weigh heavily on his/her chest, but at the very end, the Covenant was successful. The Third Age dawned under the augur of peace.

The_celestial_centralThe Celestial Central by Li Shuxing
Leaving the hunting to others, the formidable evoker and first Thaumaturge of the Academy formed the Brotherhood of Conjurers, and pioneered the building of the Academy of Osmer, an institution he/she would preside until his/her last days. Many tomes and treats were written, either dictated by Lisei him/herself, or by his/her quill. the nature and origin of Magic were topic that fascinated and concerned Lisei in equal amounts. Unlike some of her Covenant members, Lisei would never leave the Academy until the end of her days, wishing to spend his/her time studying, researching, and teaching. It seemed the death toll that was on his/her hand was enough, and the future needed builders and protectors instead of more assassins, despite their best intentions. Lisei’s words can be found anywhere, being as contemporaneous as they did back then, their weight significant. But none are more important as those Lisei him/herself carved by hand on the archway leading into the Academy: “To Peer into Worlds Unfit for Ephemeral Beings.

Cover picture: Cover for Clark Ashton Smith’s “The Return of the Sorcerer”, by Peter Bergting

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