The Region of Andaronor

The valley of Andaronor is located between the Avar or Iron Trail Mountains, up north, and the highlands of Vardamas to the south. Existing under the shade of the imposing peaks, the darkest and coldest region of Slygon sees little sun. It is known as The Land of a Thousand Waterfalls, as most of them flow to feed the Prong, a large river complex that waters the region. This is intensified during autumn, with the coming rains, and spring, when the increasing warmth helps the surrounding lands shake off the ice. This makes Andaronor extremely green, filled with flowers, but also insects that enjoy the bodies of water as places to lay their eggs and multiply fruitfully.

Fish is abundant on the Prong, especially trouts that swim up the waters to lay their eggs upstream. The rapids attract attention in the water, and outside as well, with human fishermen having to compete with bears, wolves, and other carnivorous predators that feast on the unsuspecting swimmers. Herbivores graze on the lower lands, on the fresh grass just watered, coming from the hills of Vardamas and the cliffs of the Avar. Andaronor is a wild frontier unlike anywhere in Slygon, a place of towns left to their own devices, with little pressure to comfort to a style or rule of the land, making it a solid choice for those wishing to lay low for a while before they restart their lives.

Follow The River by Roseum
Andaronor is the house of the Verus refugees, a tribe of Narkarians who have since abandoned their homeland to find peace elsewhere. Ostracized and pursued by their kin, fled the taigas of Nasgarn (or, according to some very-much disputed reports claim, as far as Foskvandyr), settling in the regions south of the mountain range several centuries ago. Despite being always eyed with suspicion, they have carved through blood and sweat their own patch of solace in the lands of Slygon. They tend to keep to themselves, with a stoic personality quite akin to the Kodokunan. Were the southerners not so wary of the refugees – even to this day – they could have found a new appreciation for one another. Still, one thing that none can take away from the Verus is that they are the first line of defense against any onslaught that traverses the mountains and that they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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