The Region of Hasnalata

“True Hasnalatan are born with a wide smiles, stoney feet, and a walking stick” – Hasnalatan saying

Bordering the stonelands of Vardamas on the north, it maintains some of the iconic hills and valleys that so much define the northernmost region of Slygon. However, as the land grows flatter going South, towards the border with Pardos that is the Lunala river, life becomes busier. Agriculture and livestock are what keep Hasnalatans alive, but what makes the region tick are its many, many, many ale, beer, wine, spirits, and other alcoholic beverages converted-into-inns breweries, that keep travelers entertained after a hard day’s journey. During the Golden Years, when Slygonians colonies in Hrulgatharn prospered, the music was louder, the dancing more frantic, and drink spilled more recurrently. Fools, brave souls, and curious ones flocked to some of the many ships westbound in those days, seldom with Hasnalatan accent. The locals are simple, kind people, who do intensely travel within, but rarely outside their lands. They exist to enjoy their connection with their green lands, and to be the best hosts they can. To them, it mattered not what those explorers would find, pillage, reap, or earn: they would eventually return. Upon their return, clean mugs filled to the brim with liquid bread would await them and their tales. Contrasting heavily with the languid and tranquil air of the region, two slivers of land hold all the hustle and bustle of Hasnalata.

A constant crackling of wooden wheels can be heard along the Hasnalatan glen, a several-kilometer wide valley that winds along the heart of Hasnalata, with many trails and paths leading East to the hills and forests of Lacanor, and West towards the coasts. Initially starting at Larko (a former fortress and now tollhouse built on the border of a small rivulet that separates Vardamas from Hasnalata), the Irrinian Path puts to the best use the evenness of the terrain and offers a stone-paved road unlike any in Slygon, and treaded day and night by countless merchant caravans. After the Twelve-Year Occupation, its septentrional stretch was neglected maintenance and care, and now remains but a faint memory of its former glory. Nowadays, the path starts in the sea-shore city of Dunamos, and has been extended to continue beyond into Pardos and Makavali. Along with Irrinian, most of the region’s largest settlements flank its cobbled miles, adding to the formidable trade artery that has invigorated the economy of Eastern Slygon during the Golden Years. Despite the glory of those past days, the League seems dedicated to not letting the path lose its influence, with part of its plans involving connecting the Western sea-border with its Eastern counterpart, having the path end at Tirina. If not for trade, to keep allowing Kodokunan soldiers to cover the distance swiftly, as they reinforce the Vardaman defense forces up north. 

Afternoon, By Alexander Pohl
Hasnalatan ports, akin to the overwhelming majority of Pardan coastal towns, live in solemnly nostalgic remembrance of lost power and influence. As the last ship fled the now too hostile lands of Hrulgatharn, the bells of doom rang and spelled a dark fate for the region. The Sapphire Waves Kinship (name given to the coalition of merchant towns and guilds of both regions), who once rivaled the TaranisMaakaanMareari axis in trade, wealth, and prestige, is now but a hallowed ghost, pitiful and disheartening. A few still stand defiantly proud, but despite their best efforts, only Dunamos remains close to what it used to be. Defeated, most surviving captains dismantled their galleys and large vessels and reassembled them back as fishing skiffs. And, perhaps for the very first time, Hasnalatans large numbers became displaced, taking their prized walking sticks and going way beyond one of their kind has ever been. Sadly, more than a few have been rescued off the coast of Athnamnas, rowing Narkarian raiding ships as slaves. Notwithstanding, there might be hope on the horizon, as the latest news coming from the Verdent West seem to portray a continent of people keen on reestablishing contact, in forgetting and healing a broken past, and in moving towards a more prosperous future.

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