Tremanath, the Far East (25%)


1- Introduction
2- Sightseeing
3- Culture
4- Politics
5- Religion
6- History
7- Climate

1- Introduction to Tremanath 


The land in the Far East, stretching from the cold wetlands and bogs of Skadi to the lush jungles of Indyvar in the South, Tremanath is as diverse as it gets. Home of the imposing Kymune Mountains, the old range splits the continent in half and helps divide the continent into four provinces. Its northern border at the Skadi province meets Narkarn, while the deep south Hjalmar plateau separates Tremanath from Dunakor. The continent used to be substantially bigger – how much more is difficult to say – when the Island of Valara was one of the twenty-three cantons of the land. Since the Great Exodus, it has become feared and avoided, with no foot ever being set there again. Beyond its eastern shores, the Mirror Ocean stretches as far as no eye can gaze and no ship can sail. Quite the contrast, when compared to the super busy and traversed western waters of the Sea of Aglarond.

Tremanath is divided in 7 main regions:
Skadi, the North part of the continent, know for its wide steppes;
Jabari, the East side, where the capital Char Char Saran lies;
Ayani, the West side of the mountains, know for its rice paddies;
Indyvar, the South part of the continent, heavily punished with monsoons;
Valara Island, the land of the great Mooring saurians;
Pebble Islands, a score of islands going East in the Coral Reef;
Kymune Mountain Range, the inverted Y’shaped mountain range that splits the continent, and lair of the tallest mountain in Eyria, Uzume.

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2- Tremanath Sightseeing  



Char Char Saran, the Imperial Capital: The biggest city in Tremanath, and location of the Imperial palace

Skadi and the wide steppes: The land of the steppes, Skadi is a barren wind swept land.
The Vorfon, also known as Takumi Masani, call the steppes their homeland, and have fought for aeons for their own kingdom, with borders that respect their nomadic hunting grounds. Currently, the late emperor Masami III of the Tiger House of Yumeko has given them autonomy over a big part of the area, that the Vorfon now call Vorfon Kafi, the Castle of the Vorfon.

Jabari: With a climate similar to east Slygon, Jabari is the most even of regions. Not very hot summers, not very cold winters (snow a rare treat exclusive from the coldest of Winter days).

Ayani and its Rice paddies: Tremanath’s biggest food supplier, Ayani rice paddies are plenty, with crops growing fast to feed the nation.

Indyvar, land of bogs: Being an extremely humid monsoon region, Indyvar sports lush jungles and bogs, with many exotic creatures calling it home.
The Raschera creed hails from  and has the most follwoers in this province

Valara Island: Not much is know about Valara, besides it being the land of the enigmatic Morgrance.

Pebble islands:

Kymune Mountain Range:Splitting the continent in half, this inverted Y-shaped mountain range has Kymune has a particular significance for the Zeyurai creed. The most fervent of devotes often stay for long periods in the many monasteries and spiritual retreats to focus on their personal soul searching. As for most of the believers, many excursions to the nearest cloisters take place all year long.

Uzume Mountain: The tallest mountain in Eyria, it is also the holiest of places for the Zeyurai. Uzume houses several monasteries, the most revered being the silent abbey Jiyana Ko Jiai, “the House of thoughts”.

Kymune range monasteries: It is Zeyurai commandment to search inwards, frequently through meditation, one’s path in life and how to go beyond one’s limitations. The most renown one is the Jiyana Ko Jiai Abbey, highest and most sacred Kymune Monastaries.

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3- Tremanati Culture 

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4- Politics in Tremanath 

The Emperor of the land rules all of Tremanath
The current emperor Renji VI of the Tiger House of Yumeko is only 26 years old, having been in power for only 3 years after his father Masami III of the Tiger House of Yumeko passed away at age 65.
Masami III was hailed as a great Emperor for his development in trade deals with Slygon, mainly Tirina, and for the many naval expeditions to the Eastern ocean that cartographed the Peddles Isles, he was considered a too lenient and push-over of a monarch that allowed the Takumi Masani to establish a de facto (or mostly autonomous) country, called Vorfon Kafi, the Castle of the Vorfon.
Renji VI, pressured by war with Raya’s forces and the resentment of his father’s legacy of a weaker crown sovereignty over the land, has proved to be a magnificent ruler, calming many factions and even getting a trade and military intelligence exchange with the Takumi Masani. His diplomatic nature betrays his military thinking, as he has swiftly ensured an effective defense of the cities and sustenance properties across the continent. He has activated the Mooring training program in the Jurassic island of Valara, where the ancient Mooring tamers are breeding and training many saurian specimens for war. Still, in the palace, fear of assassination attempts has not gone away and the ruler is guarded feverishly by his Imperial guards.

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5- Religion in Tremanath

754 - Duality
Originally polytheistic, Tremanathi religion has seen quite a lot of development over the years, breaking into different currents and philosophies. Generally speaking, nowadays, the approach to religion is quite unique, focusing less on structured pantheons, and more on an spiritual and individual communion between the believer and the creators. Modern Tremanathi factions, like the Raschera and the Zeyurai, believe in attaining a spark of divinity by communing with the gods through every little aspect of life. They also perceive Religion as a global responsibility, where their actions impact others, feeling responsible for doing their pious duty to contribute to a global well-being. As so, this connection ends up being more targeted between Man and Maker, and less mediated by the focusing lens of a priest or cleric.

6- Tremanati History

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7- Climate of Tremanath

Being such a wide continent, Tremanath has quite different climates as you move North to South.
The North part of the country (including Vorfon Kafi) is called Skadi, a land of quite barren steppes, endless planes and grasslands only punctuated here and there by the odd tree and low hill. The Takumi Masani are the natives of the region, having adapted to a nomadic lifestyle, following the bison herds on horse. The temperature is cool, often snowing during Winter.
The center of the continent, on both sides of the Mountain ranges, has a very temperate climate, albeit more humid in the west side, Ayani, where the rice paddies are located, with the east side, Jabari, sharing a climate more akin to East Slygon.
Indyvar, Southern part of the continent, closer to Dunakor, is a heavy monsoon region, as is the Valara island. The extreme heat coming from the neighboring desert plus the heavy rains make the South superbly hot and humid. Unlike other places in Tremanath, Indyvar observes only three seasons per year: in order, Monsoon season, Winter, and Dry season. Monsoon season is the longest lasting one, and its name derives from the heavy tropical rains. Winter follows, as a period where the humidity and temperature fall to more mild levels. Dry Season starts when the desert winds are blown in, with a sharp rise of temperatures, that dry the land and moisture in the air. Temperature is quite difficult to bare, but it is less extreme than Monsoon season, where the days in between the prolonged showers make breathing difficult and make every effort seem vastly more difficult.

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