Ejiroghen, the Crevasses of the Dead

Narkarian warriors are said to know no fear. And for the most part of it, they do fear nothing earthly, nothing from the world of Vandranheim. But not all threats are from the mortal realm. And there is a place that absolutely terrifies all Narkarians: Ejiroghen. The name alone freezes in place the bravest of champions, with icy talons of doubt and despair gripping and squeezing the bravado out of all Children of Baldan. The sons and daughters of the North believe that to say, to hear, or to think its name is to call for its attention, to have the eyes of the unholy, of the treacherous and the sly, turn to gaze at you. Ready to pounce. Ready to snatch the worthy’s souls into a realm of decay and ignominy. Where slimy, parasitic demons gorge on the suffering of those who were weak and unfit in life, now are destined to be torn apart countless times, without ever feeling the warmth of the scented hearths in the halls of Wanheim.

Rotted from the wicked heart of the Blood Drake Nyrdedgskyr, Ejiroghen is the abyssal cesspool of death, dishonor, and vice, from which no one escapes, and where mighty Baldan or even the vicious Fire Dwarves dare not go. After the destruction of Wanheim, the souls of all Narkarians were deprived of their heaven, their most deserved seat at the feast’s table. It is said that Narkarians do not embrace death as eagerly as they once did, for they do not hurry to plunge without wings into the abyss. Nevertheless, their anger is great and they do wish to fight next to their Gods to punish the wicked and those who would deny them their spoils and glory. The runes of old say that a final battle in Ejiroghen will take place upon Ær‘s return. Every Northman and Northwoman await eagerly for that moment, where they will charge the gates of the Crevasses side-by-side to their makers, to free their brethren kept in chains most foul and unjust. A final battle that will decide the fate of all souls of the living and the deceased, mortal and godlike, and of all realms in the cosmos that is Ynchevyr.

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Condemned – Realms of the Ungodly Artwork
While Wanheim’s descriptions are immensely common and remarkably immutable (despite the strong oral tradition in Narkarian mythology), depictions of the murky, ghastly depths of Ejiroghen are a rarity. There seems however to exist a collective understanding among all Narkarians of what Ejiroghen is intrinsical; as so, the less is said about it, the better. On the other hand, of its denizens much more is said. The feral demonic powers that lurk in its shadows, with fangs sharp as knives, devouring the unfortunate souls trapped in the Crevasses with manic, murderous eyes and spit-drenched maws. The unspeakable horrors that were unleashed on Vandranheim by the dark magic of the Fire Dwarves during their genocidal war with the Ice Trolls. Before the Cataclysm of Wanheim. Blaedling, as they are known, predate on those whose strife was not enough to impress Baldan and his kin, or whose conduct was not honorable enough to merit a place at the long tables of the Eternal Mead-halls. A fate far, far worse than death.

Cover picture: Magic the Gathering’s Death Pits of Rath

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