The Morgrance

The Morgrance walk a lonely path in Eyria, one seasoned with xenophobia and hostility. It does not help that very little is know about these people, where they came from and how they ended up in Valara or with, even if they are indeed of human origin, given the deformities that frighten the people of Eyria. First mentions the Morgrance in recorded history are tied to the great exodus of the Kaichin/Dokukria, who would be the precursors of modern-day Dunakorians, with their arrival to the island of Valara. A very limited number of entries were added to their chronicles following that event, as the newcomers kept to themselves and showed no intent of leaving (despite the initial attacks to reconquer Valara) or pursuing their assailants in all-out war.
The Morgrance are very tall and superbly slender beings, the majority as tall or taller than the Narkarians, of milky white skin they often adorn with tattoos of mystical and ritualistic designs. They lack hair on a bulgier cranium (resulting from skull bossing), of protruding supraorbitral foramen bones, high rise cheek bones, and narrower chin with short filed teeth like fangs. Their hairless bodies are quite elongated and lacking muscle growth, which makes even the smallest physical effort draining and exhausting. They favor dark garments, like long dresses, robes, and gowns, to alleviate the weight on their strained anatomies. Their physical characteristics are very well known and anyone would be able to recognize a Morgrance regardless of having seen one or not. Unfortunately, that is pretty much the only thing people know about them, making them the ideal ostracized ones.
Not even the names they are know as to the other humans in Eyria cut them any slack:
– for the Tremanathi, they are Chisahi, aliens from a very different land, a word rarely employed when referring to the other nations’ natives, who have the less abrasive Chisauhan, “foreigner”;
– for the Narkarians, the sole reason for their twisted appearance is in their feeble blood, and bestowed the awful title of “Graelungvangar” to literally remind the Morgrance of what the Northmen think of them;
– the Dunakor, whose ancestors, legend tells, were expelled from Valara by the Morgrance, call them Jokorinda, the “undead” of their folklore;
Vorfon tradition has named them “Voltralungvell“, the ones from not under this sun; scholars still debate if they follow the Dunakorian mentality of undeadness, or the Tremanathi opinion of alien origin;
– even the Slygonians, who have the least nefarious nickname for them, call them “Dargoth“, from an old tongue who may have meant vampire, dreadful, or night horror.
It is of little wonder why they are reclusive beings, who prefer the isolation their domain in Valara confers them. Your average Eyrian will say they are legends to spook children (and more impressionable adults), and that will be the end of it.

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Their frail bodies have doomed the Morgrance to a life of pain and misery, but they possess an extraordinary psychic gift. Able to communicate telepathically, control beasts and plants alike to doing their biding, if attacked they will resort to telekinesis or mental blasts to subdue the weaker minds that threaten them. Tremanathi scholars who have tried to bridge the gap and get to know the Morgrance speculate if their gifts arose from the corruption that afflicts their bodies, or if their unique mental acuity drove the race into a shell of whatever more glorious past they had. They all agreed that the Chisahi use their influence to get the plants to grow in the shape of their homes, and the beast to protect their lairs.
The Morgrance are the breeders and tamers of the great Mooring, powerful saurians ranging from human-size to gargantuan heights, and that has kept any would-be invader away for many, many years. It is said that the Kaichin/Dokukria conquered Dunakor from the Maedwen with no more than two handfuls of Mooring; if these recollections can be trusted, the Morgrance could easily dominate the five continents. The fact that they haven’t done anything towards that end is proof that they want peace and solitude, to let time and fate decide if they will wither and past into the mists of fable, or endure to suffer prejudice and fear another day.

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