The Mending Period

The current period in Tremanathi history is the Mending Period. It begun in the year 5465, with the coup that killed the last emperor of the Dragon House of Kurogane (Aksano III), and mark the return to power of the quite old and respected House Yumeko. The bloody reign of the Dragon House exhausted and bent the nation. A return to simpler times was direly needed. The heirs of the old ruling clan were selected after long negotiations – in a time called The Empty Throne -, by its feudal piers as this return to the throne symbolized a return to more certain times, through a house that could claim to have more legitimacy to rule than any other. Lord Yumeko, the first Emperor of the Tiger House of Yumeko, would rule for three brief years, from 5465 to 5468. It is said that, despite doing it for the sake of the empire and its people, Emperor Onaka I felt ashamed for his treacherous action during the coup, and decided he was not worthy of the honor. He abdicated for his son, but remained a very close adviser until his death. Onaka II would rule until 5490 and, like his father, focused on rebuilding the destroyed empire. He began by terminating the feudal law and government reforms started by his progenitor that would form the basis of the new Empire. Most of the sovereign’s time after that was spent breathing new life into the decayed imperial economy. The old land trade-lanes between Indyvar and Dunakor were reopened, and the Emperor offered as the port town of Maronomori, later renamed Mareari, to the Alliance of Slygonian City-States as a gift and preferred trade port. This idea came from his second son, Masami, who would become emperor, after his older brother Hinai decided to become a Zeyurai priest.

Masami would name himself Masami III to honor and remember his passed family emperors. It helped cement the Yumeko clan’s legitimacy to power. The ruler was much loved by his people until his unexpected and grieved death in 5524, at age 65. Masami was a very charismatic leader, a keen reader of men, and an astute negotiator. It is said he rarely slept, and would plan and study through the night. If palace gossip can be at least given some credit, it would definitely explain how Masami III managed to tackle so many projects: the celebration of new trade deals with Slygon, mainly Tirina; many naval expeditions to the Eastern ocean that mapped many of the Peddles Isles; the construction of watch towers and outposts to cover the dangers of those traversing the Hjalmar plateau; the establishment of new schools and academies of arts and sciences all across the land. The empire flourished, boosted by a more more favorable economic landscape he inherited and expanded on, the liberalization of old staples of government, like the decree granting freedom to profess any religion of his subjects’ choosing.  Yet, chief among all milestones, was there vast improvement in the Vorfon relationships, to whom he gave a level of autonomy it less akin to a vassal state, but to a very close independent ally. It was a very criticized move, the ruler considered too lenient and a push-over of a monarch by his critics. However, the peace it bought in the northern frontier until now is difficult to argue against.

The current emperor is Renji VI of the Tiger House of Yumeko, only 26 years old. His last three years in power have seen more resistance then his father’s, the many older Inari (feudal lords) pressing the untested monarch to choose more conservatively approaches. These pleas often fall into deaf ears, with the young monarch not wishing to compromise his father’s work and legacy. In such a short term, the untested emperor has been the cause of many irate comments,  so much such so that a fear of assassins spurs his Imperial guards to feverishly keep his master under vigilance. Renji’s diplomatic nature betrays his military thinking, a true son to his father. Whispers speak of contacts between the crown and the ancient Mooring tamers of the Valaran remnants concerning their war beasts. Time will tell if the young Yumeko’s reign can be seen under the same favorable light as his father’s was.

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