Gutrot, the Island-Hopper

Thanks to the many tales from the local sailors and seafarers, the Pebble Islands have become across the ages of Man a prominent setting for many adventures for mythical figures. In Narkarian folklore, especially among the people of Bromnar, the legend of the hero Gutrot is the prime example. It is said Gutrot, a simple man, wanted to wed the daughter of a jarl, being completely bewitched by her beauty. Filling himself with confidence and determination, Gutrot trotted to the jarl’s mansion to made his intentions clear to the father. As he spoke his carefully-thought words, a roar along the halls drowned them as he became the laughing stock of the court. Amused, the jarl told he would accept giving his daughter to Gutrot to be wed if the man could bring a token of his devotion. A handful of sand the color of his daughter’s cheeks under the blowing icy wind.

Offended, angry, and part ashamed for how poorly his plan had turned out, Gutrot went to a shrine on a hill overseeing the bay and jarl’s house. There, he prayed to the Goddess Jannah for help. With a whirlwind that blasted Gutrot to the ground, the Wind Lady materialized in front of the young man. At first, she tormented the man for having called her for such a trivial matter, almost chilling the life out of him. However, as Gutrot persistent in stating the nobleness of his quest, even when it angered the Goddess of Gale more and more to the point of almost leaving him dead, the goddess agreed to help the man. Offering to guide him, she whispered into his hear what need be done. Gutrot followed these instructions to the letter: first, he went home to get a small leather pouch he would keep tied around his neck. Then, back on the beach, he waited for the waters to recede and the highest number of islands possible to surface. Sensing the moment, he jolted from isle to isle, like an elk quick as the breeze. Jannah blew her favor,  elevating the man’s strides so if feet would always land safely without regards of how wide the jump was.

Different versions say different things, but in general, it is commonplace to say Gutrot went to a land far away, where rivers of honey and wine flow, and heroes rest, being fed the most succulent of meats. Despite the temptation of giving up, the tiredness on his bones, Gutrot would stay true to his mission. Having satiated his hunger and thirst, the man returned to the beach and filled his pouch with the pink sand, tieing it around his neck. He then tried to leap back, but without the goddess’ blessing, it was never enough. Yet, Gutrot carried on trying, almost drowning during some of the attempts. Convinced by his protegee’s heart of a Narkarian, Jannah sent one of her eagles to ferry Gutrot back to his homeland. Storming the court halls once more, Gutrot went up to the jarl but, when he reached for his pouch, it was missing. Lost in the sea. As the laughter resumed anew, Gutrot’s hand slipped mindlessly into his pocked, its fingertips feeling the smooth touch of his token. Victorious, he filled the hand and let the grains fall between his fingers, silencing the hall. Some variations say the jarl tried to trick Gutrot and Lady Jannah would punish the lack of honor, yet the widely accepted account is that the leader stayed true to his bargain and Gutrot marrying the one beautiful lady he loved.

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