The Lands of Eyria

Eyria is a colossal landmass, spanning many leagues, in a countless array of biomes and ecosystems. On it, many nations and civilizations live and have lived and since departed from existence, all but fading from memory. Historically, the wide stretches of Eyria were bundled into what were known as the Five Continents, with their boundaries remaining the same over the course of time. But more than a strict adherence to geological delimitations, the continents’ dimensions have been reinforced by the higher closeness found between cultures and people of a continent, and the sovereignties that came out of them. The Five Continents of Eyria are, starting North and going clockwise:

The northern reaches of Eyria is a land of snow and icy winds, brutal Winters and frail Summers. Temperatures range from cold to chilly talons of death, and many unfortunate souls have found their end amidst a squall of white all around them. Beneath the oppressive shadows of the Blizzard Peaks, a vast glacier covers over half of the continent. While a few hardy or foolish (maybe both) enough live there say, this persistent sheet of dense ice makes it very difficult for humans to sink deep roots in it, making Narkarn one of – if not the -, continents with lower populational density due to this fact. The Blizzard Peaks are its more septentrional edge, and the perceived end of Eyria and the world. To the Southwest, the Mellor Mountains separate Narkan from Hrulgatharn, and to the Southeast the bogs of Skadi. The largest boundary is between Narkarn and Slygon, through the kingdom of Nasgarn and the Iron Trail Mountains.

The land in the Far East, stretching from the cold wetlands and bogs of Skadi to the lush jungles of Indyvar in the South, Tremanath is as diverse as it gets. Home of the imposing Kymune Mountains, the old range splits the continent in half and helps divide the continent into four provinces. Its northern border at the Skadi province meets Narkarn, while the deep south Hjalmar plateau separates Tremanath from Dunakor. The continent used to be substantially bigger – how much more is difficult to say – when the Island of Valara was one of the twenty-three cantons of the land. Since the Great Exodus, it has become feared and avoided, with no foot ever being set there again. Beyond its eastern shores, the Mirror Ocean stretches as far as no eye can gaze and no ship can sail. Quite the contrast, when compared to the super busy and traversed western waters of the Sea of Aglarond.

The land of deserts both sandy and rocky, Dunakor lives and is held hostage by the whims of the extreme heat and the blessings bestowed by its mighty river, the Great Alborz. Most inhabitants dabble around the waters of the serpentine giver of life, with the highest density around the rich and wide delta, enjoying how plenty of such a rich commodity they can derive. However, Man’s tenacity is quite impressive and an unknown number of stalwart survivors reside the dunes in an existence covered in secrets and seclusion. If what roams the deserts is unclear, what lies beyond is even more alien, uncharted, untold. Even if a meager stream of news, goods, and even bizarre rovers has existed since it is just easier for the men and women to consider nothing exists beyond.

Hrulgatharn is the Verdant West, a land covered by trees and green. To the north, the stout pine forests peer at the distance. To the south, the tropical wilderness of staggering density and exoticism of both fauna and flora. With a small and seldom traversed border at the Mellor mountains, Hrulgatharn has been left to its own devices for far longer than any other of its companion continents. This has meant both a slow development – for, without strife, there is no growth -, but also a very rude awakening when they were dropped in the middle of a global game of intrigue, war, and greed. Hrulgatharn is a land where religion runs deep in the veins of its natives, with extreme fervor. The “newcomer” to the broader stage of Eyria still has to find its place among its peers, but its the veil of mystery has been pulled again over its territories.

The “Jewel in the Center” is the most even of continents, with gentle Winters and soothing Summers, with very clear-cut seasons, and for a high rise plateau right in the very middle of it all. Despite being smaller than the other continents, Slygon’s story is a very active one, with many a civilization rising and falling in a land in constant change. Once threatened by a mortal enemy, the denizens of the realm banded together to form the now formidable League of Cities rose from the cinders of war to guide Slygon to new heights. Boasting a proud navy, many Slygonian city-states have claimed colonies and trade cities beyond their lands, bringing wealth and glory back home. Most of Slygon is surrounded by sea, with the sole land border being with Narkan along the Iron Trail Mountains. Although sovereign in its own right, the Domain of Maakaan has but recently belonged to many powers in Slygon.

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